Mounting plate

The mounting plate is designed for installing different equipment inside
the SZE2 cabinet.

Al-Zn-coated steel sheet, 3 mm thickness;
dimensional tolerances sheet steel are normal according to EN 10143.

Scope of delivery
Mounting plate with cabinet fixing accessories.
Mounting plate guides are sold separately.

Package: 1 pc.

On special order, we make hinged mounting plates, using galvanized steel sheet or textolite plate.
The mounting plate can also be powder-painted in RAL 7035 (standard colour) or any other colour on demand.

Mounting plate guides

The guides are designed for installing the mounting plate in the SZE2 cabinet. They make inserting and positioning the plate inside the cabinet easier.

Al-Zn-coated steel sheet

Scope of delivery
Set of 2 guides together with accessories for fixing them on the bottom plate of the cabinet.

Package: 1 set

Prowadnice płyty montażowej

19" swing frame

Intended for SZE2 cabinets 800 and 600 mm wide.
Available in symmetrical and asymmetrical options.
Equipped with door-stop.
Two locks with double-bit insert.
Possibility of left- or right-side assembly by 180° rotation.
Maximum opening angle: 120°
Load capacity: 150 kg

Sheet steel and steel profiles powder painted in RAL 7035

Scope of delivery
Swing frame with fixing accessories for mounting to the cabinet.

Package: 1 pc.

On customers request we make cabinets with swing frames with the possibility of opening by 180°.

DESIGN 1. Cabinet frame 2. 19" swing frame 3. Top supporting bar 4. Bottom supporting bar 5. Masking panel for symmetrical frame 6. Masking panel for asymmetrical frame

19" swing frame with increased load capacity

On customers request, it is possible to make SZE2 cabinet with a swing frame with a load capacity of 200 kg. The swing frame then has an overrun wheel and the cabinet's frame has special strengthening which prevents it from deforming during opening the loaded frame.
For detailed information, please contact ZPAS sales department.