Welded plinth

Indicated for heavy duty cabinets. Provide to transport cabinets with forklift truck without using transport pallet.

Sheet steel powder paint, light grey RAL 7035.

Scope of delivery
Plinth with mounting accessories for fastening plinth to the cabinet.

Package: 1 pc.

Castors set

Designed for SZE2 and SZE2 PC cabinets 600, 800 and 1000 mm wide. Consists of castors type 300 and strengthening bars mounted at the front and rear of the cabinet.
Maximum load capacity: 600 kg
Height: 135,5 mm

Strengthening bar - sheet steel powder paint, light grey RAL 7035. Castors - plastic, galvanised sheet steel.
Kółka - tworzywo sztuczne, blacha stalowa ocynkowana.

Ordering method
Castors set unit consists of parts to be ordered separately: swivel castors with brake, fixed castors without brake, strenghtening bars.
The scope of delivery includes fixing elements.

Modular plinth

Plinth consists of corners and removable side panels. Total weight of the cabinet is carried by plinth corners. It is possible to use the area under the cabinet by unscrewing the side panels. Plinth can be mounted to the base by optionally using rubber vibro-shock absorbers.

Ordering method
The plinth shall be ordered from the following components: plinth corners and plinth side panels depending on the width and depth of the cabinet.

Plinth side panels

There are three types of plinth side panels available. Side panels can be removed even when the cabinet is loaded with equipment.

Sheet steel powder painted in light grey (RAL 7035).

Scope of delivery
Panel with fixing elements.

Package: 1 pc.


Plinth corners

Corners are equipped with removable plates that ease the access to assembling and levelling elements. Corners can be equipped with levelling set or vibro-shock absorbers.

Body: sheet steel powder painted in light grey (RAL 7035). Covers: black plastic.

Scope of delivery
Set of 4 corners include fixing accessories.

Product name Height [mm] Catalogue number
RAL 7035
Set of 4 corners 100 WZ-6935-74-00-011
Wibroizolator / Narożnik z zamontowanym wibroizolatorem

Vibro-shock absorbers

Vibro-shoch absorbers reduce the transmission of possible vibrations between the floor and the cabinet (e.g. in industrial buildings). Plinth with vibro-shock absorbers should be fixed into the room’s floor.

10 mm thick rubber.

Scope of delivery
Set of 4 vibro-shock absorbers.

Package Catalogue number
1 set WZ-M1Z-00-0048-000-4
Wibroizolator / Narożnik z zamontowanym wibroizolatorem

Set for plinth levelling

Plinth corners can be equipped with additional levelling bolts, that enable stable setting of the cabinet on uneven floor.
Adjustment range: 0–10 mm

Product name Package Catalogue number
Set of 4 plinth levelling bolts for SZE2 cabinet 1 kpl. WZ-6935-Z1-02-000
Wibroizolator / Narożnik z zamontowanym wibroizolatorem

Set of elements for connecting plinths

Plinths can be joined in row or stacked.
Joining in rows
In order to join two plinths, one connecting set is needed.
In order to stack two plinths, two connecting sets are needed.
Maximum allowed height: 4 plinths x 100 mm

Product description Package Catalogue number
4 śruby M10x20
4 podkładki 10,5
4 nakrętki kołnierzowe M10
1 kpl. WZ-6935-Z1-03-000
Wibroizolator / Narożnik z zamontowanym wibroizolatorem