ZPAS Modular System

ZPAS Modular System is intended for designing switchgears based on SZE2 power cabinets. Modular equipment is installed on dedicated structure.

Basic elements

  1. Mounting profiles II
  2. Mounting bar UNI 
  3. Fixing accessories set
  4. DIN rail
  5. Assembly angles
  6. Module panels 150
  7. Module blanking plates 150, 100, 50
  8. Horizontal and vertical module panels

Switchgears based on this design are featured with IP 30 safeto-touch (for live parts) protection degree. Once closed, SZE2 cabinets are IP 54 protected.
Each switchgear based on SZE2 cabinets is subdivided into bay height modules (BHM). Each module is 150 mm high.
Normally, switchgears equipped with a rail system are composed of 3 mounting zones:

  • busbar system zone (3 BHMs),
  • apparatus assembly zone (8 BHMs in case of the cabinets 2000 mm high),
  • cable entry zone (1 BHMs + 100 mm).

With such a switchgear  construction, the cabinets with the below listed dimensions (height x width) can contain the below listed number of modules of modular equipment:
cabinet 2000 mm x 600 mm – 288 modules (18 mm);
cabinet 2000 mm x 800 mm – 432 modules;
cabinet 2000 mm x 1000 mm and 2000 mm x 1200 mm – 576 modules, respectively.

Mounting profiles II

Mounting profiles are a racking system, and the other components of modular equipment installation sets (i.e. module panels, assembly angles and DIN rails) are attached to this system. The rail location can be smoothly adjusted with reference to the cabinet width.

Al-Zn coated sheet steel

Scope of delivery
Mounting profile without fixing accessories (to be ordered separately).

Package: 2 pc.
* Maximum number of built-in DIN rails

Mounting bars UNI

Four mounting bars UNI, whose length is matched to the cabinet depth, are necessary to install mounting profiles II inside SZE2 cabinet.

Mounting profile II fixing elements

A set of fixing accessories for fastening 2 pcs. mounting profiles II to mounting bars UNI.

DIN rail

The rail is intended for the installation of modular equipment.
Rail depth: 15 mm Note: In case of cabinets 1000 and 1200 mm wide, heavy modular equipment can be installed differently.
For more information, please contact ZPAS sales department.

Galvanized steel sheet.
Scope of delivery
DIN rail without fixing accessories.

Assembly angles

These angles are used for fixing DIN rails with the mounting profile II. Two angles are necessary to fix one rail.

Al-Zn coated sheet steel.
Scope of delivery
An angle (1 pc.) with fixing accessories to fix it to the mounting profile II and the DIN rail.

Package Catalogue number
1 pc. WZ-0573-52-30-000

Module panel 150

Module panels are fixed directly to the mounting profiles II. 150 mm high, the module panels are intended for hiding modular equipment installed on the DIN mounting rail.

Powder painted RAL 7035 steel sheet.
Scope of delivery
Module panel with fixing accessories.

Module blanking plates 150, 100, 50

These module blanking plates are used to fill free space left after modular equipment has been installed in the cabinet.
Depending on the cabinet height, it is necessary to use a blanking plate, other than the one 150 mm high:
- cabinet 1800 mm high – blanking plate 50 mm
- cabinet 2000 mm high – blanking plate 100 mm

Powder painted RAL 7035 steel sheet.
Scope of delivery
Module panel with fixing accessories.

Horizontal and vertical module panels

These panels are intended to protect horizontal and vertical space between mounting profiles II and cabinet frame.

Powder painted RAL 7035 steel sheet.
Scope of delivery
Horizontal or vertical module panel with fixing accessories.