We specialize in comprehensive prefabrication of indoor and outdoor enclosures, designed for the power industry sector, industrial automation, public transport, data communications and other industries. We prepare designs or work based on the documentation provided by the client. We produce using our own components or components provided. We perform functional tests and issue declarations of conformity, guarantees as well as measurement protocols. At the client's request, we can carry out on-site assembly.
Prefabricated enclosures meet the highest quality standards, so you can rely on our products to give you many years of trouble-free use.
For prefabrication services in 2016, we opened a specialist production plant in Nowa Ruda with an area of nearly 9,000 m2. It comprehensively combines all the necessary factors for the smooth implementation of projects, such as ergonomics of working conditions, logistical and technical facilities as well as engineering support during the production process.
We prefabricate:

  • switchgears for electrical substations,
  • low-voltage switchgears for currents up to 3200 A,
  • capacitor bank cabinets,
  • industrial automation cabinets,
  • data communication and telecommunications cabinets,
  • control and automation cabinets for railways,
  • surveillance cabinets.

PDF catalogue with detailed offer description: