More and more services and activities are moving to the digital world. A modern man can hardly imagine the world without remote access to work, bank, school or public institutions.
Technological progress is inevitable. However, to realize its full potential, one must have knowledge and experience. ZPAS and its solutions have been supporting customers in implementing various types of projects for almost 50 years.

Complete Server Room Projects

One of ZPAS' growth directions is data processing centres – from stand-alone single rack systems to external container solutions. The scope of work that ZPAS effectively undertakes in the field of server rooms includes both creating concept, preparing a detailed design and installation on site, as well as after-sales service.

Modern server rooms must ensure reliable and secure operation of IT systems. The essence of a well-designed server room is the optimal use of space dedicated to active devices (such as servers and storage), as well as cooling and power systems.
Experience and knowledge of the latest trends are the factors used by ZPAS consultants in designing individual solutions for customers.

From Server Room Design to Implementation

  • Concept, optimal solutions with visualizations
  • Basic and detailed designs, including all approvals and permits
  • Project execution
    - primary and backed-up power supply systems
    - sanitary, air-conditioning and ventilation systems
    - telecommunication systems (access control, CCTV, burglary and robbery alarm, environment monitoring)
    - structured wiring systems
    - fire protection systems
    - network and server cabinets
  • Technical support and installation service
Backup power supply
Data Box
Dispatch room
Fire extinguishing system
Power supply systems
Air conditioning systems

ZPAS Data Box is a server cabinet system with slide doors and roof, making it possible to deliver a data centre in the “cold corridor” or “hot corridor” technology.
Such solutions physically separate hot air from cold air, thus ensuring efficient cooling for IT equipment. In “cold corridor” system, cold air is flown through the access floor or by means of in-row heat exchangers to the corridor created between the rows of cabinets.
In the “hot corridor” system, the heat generated by the active equipment is exhausted into the corridor space, and cold air is supplied from the Data Box environment.

Tailor-made Solutions

In case customers need distributed solutions, i.e. covering the company's headquarters with the main server room and its branches with local data processing points, technical support at ZPAS includes such options. Branches are equipped with individual cabinet modules with the infrastructure necessary to maintain continuous operation, including cooling, fire extinguishing and security systems.

ZPAS Container Server Rooms is a solution that combines all the advantages of a modular data centre, and, additionally, caters for the need for mobility and easy adaptation to the environment. By investing in this type of server room, you can avoid unnecessary construction work and room renovations, as well as location-related limitations. This is a great solution for businesses that can’t or don’t want to build separate spaces for server rooms.

When a customer wants to increase the computing power, the expansion can be done either inside a container or by adding another container. Also, if you relocate, a mobile data centre is far easier to move.

Small Data Box – Compact Server Rooms

Smart Solution

Small Data Centre with side heat exchanger is the optimal answer to the requirements of modern, small data centres.

It is a reliable and modern system designed to create modular server rooms. This solution is characterized by optimal dimensions, versatility and ease of expansion.

Stable Structure

The server cabinet frame is bolted, allowing a static load of up to 1500 kg on the 19-inch rack.


Smooth and tool-free adjustment of support beams, changing the spacing from 19" to 21" without additional mounting elements. The frame has holes for mounting accessories and components for cable management.


The door has a handle with a 5-point lock. It is possible to use access control or automatic opening system in case of temperature rise. Fire extinguishing system within the cabinet and heat exchanger.


Optimization of cold airflow provided by cold and hot zone separation elements at cabinet level. Wide range of cooling capacity of offered heat exchangers.

Z-SERVER Server Cabinets
Side heat exchanger
Monitoring of environmental conditions
Gas fire suppression system
PDU power strips

Air conditioning systems

Our team of specialists selects the optimal cooling system based on the specification of the equipment to be installed, which guarantees the cooling capacity that meets the actual needs of the customer.

Advantages of side heat exchangers

  • Uniform distribution of cold air over the entire height of the exchanger.
  • Optimal adjustment of fan operation significantly reduces power consumption.
  • Monitoring the operating conditions of the air conditioner via Ethernet.
  • Dual power supply.
  • Automatic activation of the emergency line in case of power failure.
  • Hot Swap System enables maintenance operations to be conducted while the unit is running.
  • Connecting fans to the multiswitch strip allows to switch off the serviced fan independently.

Chilled water

The Chilled Water cooling system features the use of chilled water supplied by an indoor or outdoor chiller.
In case of a Free Cooling chiller, outside air cools the water through a heat exchanger. Energy consumption in this case is reduced to the minimum. Cooling capacity of the heat exchangers ranges from 12.3 to 37.7 kW

Direct expansion

The heat load absorbed by the refrigerant is released to the external environment by modular condensing units with cooling capacities ranging from 4.4 kW to 22.3 kW.

Container Server Rooms

Modular design





Monitoring system
Fire extinguishing system
Z-Server Cabinets
Emergency power supply system
Electrical switchboard
Air conditioning systems

ZPAS Group’s containerized Data Centre solution is a flexible and cost-effective approach to variable technical conditions in every respect. Easy scalability allows you to respond to changing trends and adapt to almost any conditions.

The containerized Data Centre is designed to ensure easy mobility, security as well as maximum use of space for the installation of active equipment. Data security is ensured by redundancy of the crucial systems to ensure continuous operation of the Data Centre.

Z-Server Cabinets

Cabinet dimensions: 42U 600x1000 mm
Static load 1500 kg
Smooth and tool-free adjustment of 19’’ profiles
Spacing can be changed from 19’’ to 21’’
5-point cabinet locking system
Access control can be used
Perforation area up to 86% with 80% clearance
Cold and hot zone separating elements
Cable management components

Power supply

Electrical switchboard
Two independent power circuits to each cabinet
Automatic transfer switching system
Modular design of power supplies 3x 25 kW
Redundancy N+1
Plug&Play configuration
Internal service By-Pass
Management and measurement for each socket
Power supply 16 A 400 V 3-phase
Rated power 11 040 W

Air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems

Air conditioning
Monoblock air conditioning system
Cooling capacity 29.5 kW
R410A/R134A refrigerant
Air flow: 9000 m3/h
Fire extinguishing
NOVEC1230 gas
VESDA Early Detection System

Container Structure

Container plinth can be levelled (optional)

Double-walled roof

Exterior walls

Box profile sheet, fire resistance EI60.


Electrostatic PVC flooring with support frame for server racks.


Fire resistance class RC4 EI60.


RAL 7035