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Originally a small experimental production facility, we evolved to the leading manufacturer of enclosures with an established position in the market. Currently, production is run in two large manufacturing facilities. In the headquarters in Przygórze, we manufacture customized products for individual customer needs. In Słupiec, mass and standard production is run. This is also the location of our main warehouse for finished products. By implementing a number of interesting projects, we are constantly expanding manufacturing space and modernizing our machinery. All this would not happen without the enormous commitment of our employees who took care of continued development while becoming the owners of the company. ZPAS S.A. portfolio covers enclosures for indoor and outdoor use, in assembled version and for self-assembly, with protection class ranging from IP 20 to IP 65. Each enclosure that meets all these requirements has a separate production process. Before a finished product gets delivered into your hands, it must undergo a long way. The whole process begins with determining all parameters of the enclosure for the constructor to be able to make right drawings for your approval. Next, the technologist prepares documentation and software for our machines. A well-planned organization of all manufacturing processes gives us the ability to fully utilize our production capacity.
A metal sheet undergoes punching, laser cutting, bending and welding. Next, there is manual bench work to prepare the material for the next operation, i.e. powder coating. Depending on the size of the series, a semi-finished product goes to the fully automated paint shop, or semi-automated paint shop in case custom colours are demanded. Items that require a higher degree of protection are sealed by pouring seals in the right places. The complete finish of products is overseen by manufacturing foremen who organize and supervise the production stages. This is how cabinet components, frame, mounting profiles, doors, shelves and other are made. Next, assembly stage takes place. This is when enclosures are put together. For structures intended for self-assembly, individual elements or subassemblies are put into separate packages. Before they are ready for sell, products undergo quality control. Once the product is green-lit, it goes to the warehouse for finished goods, waiting for your order. Years of experience have taught us that you can always improve certain processes and perform your tasks better to constantly improve the competitiveness of your products.