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ZPAS-NET Sp. z o.o.

ZPAS-NET sp. z o.o. was established on 1 June 2004 as a result of separating it from ZPAS S.A. structure. The company is based in Nowa Ruda – Drogosław, in the sub-zone of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. ZPAS-NET facility has an office area of 800 m2 and the production area of 2500 m2. The company manufactures products needed to create modern network infrastructure and monitoring and control systems, as well as products dedicated for the power industry that uses intelligent IT solutions. ZPAS-NET sp. z o o was created to meet expectations of our partners for integration, equipment and turnkey solutions. Seeking innovative solutions, we meet the requirements of modern technologies in the sectors in which we operate. Our brand brings to mind high quality, professional and reliable implementation of projects that meet the standards of advanced technical solutions. Thanks to our experienced engineering staff, we achieved a leading position in the Polish market of manufacturers of outdoor cabinets and mimic boards. Through the first years of operation as ZPAS S.A. and now making our own brand, we do a lot of work related to construction of power and telecommunications facilities. ZPAS-NET products have been recognized not only in Poland but also in Europe and beyond.

The two companies making up the ZPAS Group (ZPAS S.A. and ZPAS-NET sp. z o.o.) offer complementary products, marketing a broad range of articles performing important functions in electronic communications. ZPAS products are widely used as an infrastructural base for telecom and IT networks, as well as enclosures for the telecommunications and power equipment.

In the modern business environment that is subject to constant changes and modifications, our range has an important place when it comes to demanding solutions. We strive to deliver not only products but most of all the ability to create solutions for both individual needs and complex projects. Outdoor cabinets manufactured by ZPAS NET are made of aluminium, stainless steel or aluminium-zinc sheet. Structures are assembled on the production floor. With these materials, we make cabinets ready to face severe weather conditions. If the customer wishes so, outdoor enclosures can be equipped with electrical equipment produced by us. We equip also the cabinets supplied to us by ZPAS or other manufacturers of indoor and outdoor enclosures. If necessary, modular expansion and free use of reserve space is possible. We also specialize in making control desks produced on the basis of final documentation or according to individual client guidelines. Our engineering department works on the project details in consultation with the client. The effect of this work is presented in the visualization that is to show appearance and location of the desktop. After making corrections and approving the project, we begin assembly, creating products with high quality materials.

An important safety feature for trouble-free operation of communication systems is the reliability of the cabling infrastructure. With 40 years of industry experience, we take pride in cooperating with proven and trusted suppliers that are recognized in the market. They supply us with high quality products certified by independent certified laboratories. Seeing the dynamic growth of the number of fibre-optic network users, we have developed the OptiTel product family that allows for flexible configuration of optical links, switching reserve links, adding new devices and a number of measurements. Meeting customer expectations, we specialize in providing complex services. These include design development, making necessary arrangements, legal services, cabinet prefabrication, delivery and installation of cable routes, manufactureand assembly of dispatcher control panel and mimic boards, constructing power lines and transformer stations withequipment, carrying out commissioning and measurement works and providing warranty and post-warranty repairs.



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