Welded plinth for SZE2 cabinet

Welded plinth for SZE2 cabinet

Welded plinth for SZE2

Description Specification Configurator Accessories Connected

Indicated for heavy duty cabinets. Provide to transport cabinets with forklift truck without using transport pallet.

Sheet steel powder paint, light grey RAL 7035.

Scope of delivery::
Plinth with mounting accessories for fastening plinth to the cabinet.

For cabinet Catalogue number
width[mm] depth[mm] Plinth 100 mm high Plinth 200 mm high
1200 800 WZ-1951-71-01-011 WZ-1951-74-01-011
600 WZ-1951-71-02-011 WZ-1951-74-02-011
500 WZ-1951-71-03-011 WZ-1951-74-03-011
1000 600 WZ-1951-71-05-011 WZ-1951-74-05-011
500 WZ-1951-71-06-011 WZ-1951-74-06-011
800 800 WZ-1951-71-07-011 WZ-1951-74-07-011
600 WZ-1951-71-07-011 WZ-1951-74-07-011
500 WZ-1951-71-09-011 WZ-1951-74-09-011
400 WZ-1951-71-10-011 WZ-1951-74-10-011
600 800 WZ-1951-71-11-011 WZ-1951-74-11-011
600 WZ-1951-71-12-011 WZ-1951-74-12-011
500 WZ-1951-71-13-011 WZ-1951-74-13-011
400 WZ-1951-71-14-011 WZ-1951-74-14-011

Package: 1 pc.

Attribute Value
Catalogue number 3656

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