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Ware-o-mats are ideal for use in virtually all sectors of industry, trade and services, as well as in offices. They provide 24-hour access to and safekeeping of deposited parcels or other things.

These are stand-alone units that are operated in a very simple manner using a numeric keypad. A depositor has a code to open a randomly selected deposit locker, and the unit generates the access code. The control module keeps track of which lockers are occupied, and always chooses a free one. A recipient given the generated access code to the locker can collect the parcel at any time of the day. The unit records both deposit and collection times.

Random selection of a free locker reduces the risk of intrusion. The recipient who collects the parcel does not know in which locker the parcel is located.

Application scenarios:

  • transferring valuable documents,
  • dispensing ordered goods,,
  • depositing valuable tools.

The best known ZPAS ware-o-mats are parcel-o-mats which are basically self-service shipment collection points. These devices operate on the basis of a more sophisticated central system that generates access codes and additionally automatically sends text messages to customers.

This solution is innovative because it:

  • reduces cost for a courier company,
  • gives full control of the logistics,
  • saves customer time,
  • provides information on order status.

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