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Ware-o-mats | Vendings machines

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The plus version adds extra services to the information function. The module with banknote, coin or credit card acceptors provides payment functionality. The device can be equipped with a barcode reader, scanner, printer and monitoring tools for infokiosk operation and user input (event recorder, camera). The plus segment enables printing invoices, photos or forms; recording working time; identifying employees; scanning documents or data input by barcode reading. The business advantage includes extension of the service access up to 24h.


Fitting the infokiosk with the deposit module gives you the possibility of depositing and dispensing objects (such as deposits in stores and shopping malls, luggage storage, registry offices). The services are available for 24h.


Deposit machines are ideal for use in virtually all sectors of industry, trade and services, as well as in offices. They provide 24-hour access to and safekeeping of deposited parcels or other things.
The best known ZPAS units are parcel machines which are basically self-service shipment collection points. These devices operate on the basis of a more sophisticated central system that generates access codes and additionally automatically sends text messages to customers.

    Application scenarios:
  • transferring valuable documents,
  • dispensing ordered goods,
  • depositing valuable tools,
  • selling ordered goods,
  • issuing tools for production process.

  • This solution is innovative because it:
  • reduces cost for a courier company,
  • gives full control of the logistics,
  • saves customer time,
  • provides information on order status,
  • supporting and supervising production process and workflow.

The devices are made according to high ZPAS standards for mechanical design, materials used and functional properties. They meet the requirements for resistance to damage and unauthorised access. They are equipped with patent locks with a confirmed anti-burglary class, complying with IP tightness requirements for the protection of indoor devices.
The devices can be used both indoor and outdoor . At customer request, they can have touch screens, industrial keyboards, computer, speakers, card readers, payment devices, monitoring and others. For specific devices and projects, it is possible to use ZPAS's proprietary software for managing device operation. Most of them have modular design, which means that the machine can be reconfigured after the original installation.

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