SWN wall-mounted cabinets

SWN wall-mounted cabinets

Szafki energetyczne SWN

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SWN wall-mounted cabinets
SWN wall-mounted cabinet
SWN wall-mounted cabinet made of stainless-steel
SWN wall-mounted cabinet  made of stainless-steel
SWN wall-mounted cabinet back view
SWN wall-mounted cabinet
SWN wall-mounted cabinet
Szafki energetyczne SWN
Description Specification Configurator Accessories Connected
  • Compact wall-mounted cabinets designed for electrical installations.
  • In the standard version they are designed for indoor applications.
  • Manufactured in 20 dimensions in accordance with the chart below.
  • Cabinets of non-standard dimensions or stainless steel options are quoted individually.



  • Sheet steel

Protection degree:

  • IP 65 in accordance with EN 60529

Surface finish:

  • Body, door, blanking plate – Epoxide-polyester thick-texture powder paint in RAL 7035, intended for indoor usage. On customer’s request, it is possible to use facade paint with improved resistance to adverse weather conditions and optional use of polyzinc base.
  • Mounting plate - Al-Zn coated.


  • On request, the body, door and blanking plate can be made of stainless steel.

Description of SWN ca binet design


  • The body of SWN is a tight-welded sheet metal structure. Optimised door light ensures maximum use of available space.
  • A multi-folded enclosure aperture protects against dust and moisture even when the door is open.
  • In the bottom of the body, there is an opening for a gland plate. D imensions of the opening depend on cabinet dimensions.
  • Inside the body there are self-tapping screws for fixing the mounting plate.
  • On the rear side of the body there are cut-outs for mounting the cabinet directly on the wall or by using lifting brackets.


  • Cabinets are provided with a single-wing door
  • Depending on height, either one or two locks including double-bit insert are used:„doppelbart”:
  • cabinets up to 400 mm high - one lock in the middle;
  • cabinets from 500 to 1000 mm high - two locks.
  • There are hinges fixed to the door; the number depends on cabinet height: from 300 to 600 mm - two hinges, from 800 to 1000 mm - three hinges.
  • Interior of the door including sealing gasket and earthing studs.
  • Left or right door option.
  • Maximum door opening angle 120°.

Mounting plate

  • Fixed to rear side of the body.
  • In cabinets up to 600 mm high the flat mounting plate is used.
  • In cabinets 800 or 1000 mm high, a folded mounting plate is used to maintain appropriate stiffness
  • Mounting plate including fixing points for earthing bar

Blanking plate - cable entry plate

  • Cabinets, depending on the size, includes one or two blanking plates
  • Blanking plates are fixed by self-tapping screws
  • Includes sealing gasket and earthing stud.
  • Gland cable entries available on request.

Earthing and potential equalisation

  • The door and the blanking plate including earthing studs
  • Earthing bar and potential equalisation bar (for fixing to the mounting plate) and earthing cables are delivered as supplementary accessories.

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