Switchgears up to 1250 A

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Switchgears up to 1250 A

Switchgears up to 1250 A

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SZE-2/SGP 1250 electric switchgear
SZE-2/SGP 1250 electric switchgear
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Grzegorz Bartusiak bartusiak@zpas.pl +48 74 872 0691 +48 609 449 924

ZPAS manufactures switchgears for rated currents up to 1250 A based on the SZE2 and SZE3 enclosures of ZPAS company (see page 274, 320). These switchgears are used for power distribution and include panels for connecting air circuit breakers (incomer panel), moulded case switches and vertical and horizontal strip fused load break switches (outgoing panel). 1250 A switchgears passed type tests at Energopomiar – Elektryka G liwice according to PN-EN 60439-1:2003+A1 2006.



Switchgear factory designation SZE-2/SGP 1250
Primary rated voltage 400 V
Rated continuous current of the switchgear 1250 A
Rated peak withstand current 105 kA
Rated short time withstand current 50 kA / 1s
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated insulation voltage 750 V
Rated short duration power frequency withstand voltage 8 kV
Protection degree IP 54

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