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Today's globalization of all business processes makes continuous development of telecommunications inevitable – transmission of all kinds of information over a distance with appropriate pre-processing and protection against unauthorized access.
For telecommunication systems to work, one must install various types of electronic and fibre-optic equipment which allows for processing information to signal, sending it (possibly with gain) and finally receiving the signal and re-processing it to the information.
The necessary equipment is installed in collective enclosures called telecommunications cabinets that ensure well organization and proper working conditions. ZPAS Group's offer includes cabinets for installation inside buildings, as well as cabinets suitable for outdoor use when there is not enough space and equipment must be installed close to the end customer (enclosures madeof corrosion-resistant materials and ensuring adequate thermal insulation). In case of all telecommunication cabinets we offer also necessary equipment: all kinds of mechanical components (shelves, plinths, masking panels, supporting structures, blanks, etc.), electrical equipment (distribution panels, connector panels, surge protection, power supply), systems for adequate weather conditions (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring) and fibreoptic components (distribution frames, pigtails, patch cords). The company has also capacity to provide full-scale services: cabinet installation, splitting devices, grounding, connecting power supply, etc.
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