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Control cabinets & electric switchgears

We specialize in full-scale prefabrication of switchgears for utility industry, industrial power engineering and automation. Our switchgears are delivered complete with prefabrication, assembly and commissioning.
We prefabricate:
• wiring cabinets (aluminium and thermoset)
• automation cabinets for zero-sequence resistive current forcing (outdoor or indoor)
• control-relay cabinets
• meter cabinets
• controller cabinets
• auxiliaries switchgears (400/230 V AC , 220 V DC, 110 V DC, 48 V DC, 24 V DC, guaranteed 230 V AC)
• telemechanics cabinets
• communications cabinets
• intermediate cabinets (transformers)

Prefabrication is carried out on the basis of documentation provided by the customer or developed by our partner design contractors.Our workmanship is characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. Each switchgear that we manufacture undergoes a quality test. In the final stage of production, as-built documentation is prepared.