RS-T Switchgear

RS-T Switchgear

RS-T Switchgear

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Low-voltage switchgears type “RS-T” are designed for powering low-voltage electrical equipment. They can be used in transformer stations, industrial plants and any other facility when used indoor.
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Low-voltage RS-T switchgear parameters
Rated voltage 690 V
Rated frequency / Number of phases 50 Hz / 3
Lightning surge test voltage 8 kV (1,2/50 µs)
Rated continuous current of main busbars 1250 A
Rated continuous current of outgoing feeder 400 A
Rated short-time withstand current 16 kA (1s)
Rated peak withstand current 32 kA
Protection class IP 20
Design Indoor

Environmental working conditions

The switchgear is designed to work in temperate climate and can be installed in the following environmental conditions: in enclosed spaces free from dusts and active chemical or explosive gases, and free from electrically conducting dusts.

Compliance with Standards - certified by the Electrical Engineering Institute.

RS-T switchgear meets the following standards:
- PN-EN 61439-1 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 1: General provisions;
- PN-EN 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code);


Switchgear Design

Switchgear body is made of bended elements of aluzinc metal sheetAl-Zn coated steel sheet, riveted together, which ensures bonding. The switchgear is composed of independent units (power supply, outgoing, measuring, etc .), which allows you to easily expand existing sets and design new ones.
RS-T switchgears are designed to be installed indoors. They can be positioned directly on a concrete floor. Whatever the floor, the switchgear must be placed exactly horizontally and attached using 4 M8 bolts. When positioning the switchgear, maintain proper spacing between the switchgear and other items in accordance with the provisions in force.
External connections are made as follows:
- cable from the bottom to the incoming feeder and outcoming feeders from the cable duct
- busbar or cable from the top to the incoming feeder.

Electrical Fitting

The following devices can be used in the power supply unit:
- disconnector LA5/D 1250A – as standard,
- or other upon agreement with the manufacturer,
The following devices can be used in outgoing feeder:
- ARS 2-6-V 400A. - as standard,
- or other upon agreement with the manufacturer.
In addition, the switchgear can be equipped with:
- current and voltage check measurement,
- semi-direct measurement,
- busbar connections are made from copper flat bars with a cross-section adapted to the rated currents.

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