RP4O 4-Feeder Forehead Switchgear

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RP4O 4-Feeder Forehead Switchgear

RP4O 4-Feeder Forehead Switchgear

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The RP4O 4-Feeder Forehead Switchgear is designed for mine headings with methane explosion hazard class “a” and coal dust explosion hazard class “A”, as well as for use on the surface.
RP4O is supplied from the mine’s 3-phase network with rated voltage of 3x500 V, 50 Hz, with an isolated neutral point of the transformer with “SUPO” earthing protective conductor system.
RP4O’s main task is to provide power supply and control of electric motors for machinery working in underground headings. The switchgear can be installed in the following environmental conditions:
- Ambient temperature 0÷40˚C
- Relative humidity up to 93% +/-2% at temperatures up to +40°C
- Corrosive aggressiveness class C as per PN-71/H-04651
- Acceptable supply voltage 0.85–1.2UN
- Exposure to flooding with water dripping from the top and streams of water from all sides
- In vertical position when working, with deviations up to 30° from the vertical.
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Switchgear Design
RP4O switchgear is enclosed in ZPAS 900x800x300 control cabinet. The design protects live parts from touching, as well as from ingress of foreign matter and water with IP 54. The device is mounted on a galvanized mounting plate in two separate chambers. Control equipment is accessed when you open the switchgear door, while parts which remain live once the door has been opened, are arranged in the pass-though circuit chamber.
The body has flat bars for mounting an additional panel against mechanical damage, such as a cage or a frame; as standard, the switchgear comes with feet. Top part of the body has closed and open slings for chaining the unit to structural elements found in the side or roof of the heading. The body has handles for easy manual transportation of equipment along the gangways.
The switchgear has external earthing terminals with M8 bolts to connect to the SUPO system, and a mechanical lock that prevents the door from being opened when the main disconnector is ON. The door has a sight glass to monitor the states of switch disconnector contacts (visible isolating clearance).

Compliance with standards
RP4O switchgear meets the following standards:
- PN-EN 61439-1
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 1: General provisions;
- PN-EN 60529:2003
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code);
- PN-G 50001:2002
Mining work safety - Electrical equipment of mining machines - General requirements
- PN-G 50003
Mining work safety - Electrical mining equipment - Requirements and tests
- PN-G 42042:1998
Protection and safety measures in mining power engineering
- Short circuit protection and overload protection
- Requirements and rules for the selection
Certified by KOMAG Mining Technology Institute

Electrical Fitting
  • The pass-through incoming bay is protected with an IP 30 metal panel designed to connect four-wire rubber-coated cables with wire cross-section up to 120 mm2. The panel has lock that is opened with a special key.
  • There is a switch disconnector, with a visible contact clearance, that supplies the outgoing feeds. When set to 0 WYŁĄCZ (OFF), the disconnector provides a double safe isolating clearance at each current circuit. When set to II UZIEMIONY (GROUNDED), it connects all outgoing feeds to the PE busbar and acts as an earthing switch.
  • Four 500 V AC outgoing feeds for powering the mine section’s equipment:
    - Feeds 1 and 4 with continuous current 40 A are equipped with fuses, contactors, thermal releases and strip terminals for connecting cables, - Feeds 2 and 3 with continuous current 115 A are equipped with fuses, contactors, thermal releases and CEE 125 sockets.
All outgoing feeds have safeguards for low insulation resistance and monitoring of the protective circuit continuity. Strip feeds can work with appliances which are connected with 4-wire cables – PE wire continuity is not monitored.
Each of the outgoing feeds can be controlled locally using buttons on the switchgear door. The switchgear door features also LED lights that indicate operational states.

Rated voltage 3x500 V AC
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Power grid type IT, SUPO
Control voltage 24VAC
Rated continuous current of main busbars 315 A
Surge current 1s (ICW) 9 kA
Number of outgoing feeds 4
Rated current of the socket feed 115 A
Rated current of the strip feed 40 A
Protection class IP 54
Body dimensions (without the frame and socket outlets) 800x900x300
Colour RAL 7035
Weight ~ 90 kg
Switching resistance of the leakage-interlock relay K–16 25kΩ ± 20%
Switching resistance of the earthing continuity control relay K–20 80Ω–20%

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