Dispatch workstations PDM Classic

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Dispatch workstations PDM Classic

Dispatch workstations PDM Classic

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Modular dispatch desks allows you to create combinations of any size and configuration, depending on your needs.

  • - 4 standard components: PC module, central and side module, 15° wedge, side wedge
  • - desktops made of MDF board covered with laminate or mineral-acrylic materials
  • - freedom of configuration – create simple, curved or bent combinations
  • - freedom of colours – both for metal part of the desktop and the woodwork
  • - modular design so that the desk can be adapted to any room
  • - 19" standard or other equipment can be installed
  • - easy access to installed equipment
  • - easy layout of wiring
  • - you can choose where the desktop will have openings for buttons and cassettes, and you can have extensions
  • - possibility of using forced or gravitational ventilation
  • - comply with the health and safety regulations
  • - CE-certificated

PC module
A two-tier 19" cabinet designed for installing the central unit of the system or other types of electronic devices. The upper part of the cabinet is used as a support for the operating desktop, while the lower (rear) part is designed for placing monitors. Two PC modules are designed for one workstation.
Central module with 8 drawers
Central cylinder-shaped element which makes it possible to arrange sets at any desired angle.
It can be connected to:
- the PC module,
- the shield joining the central module with the PC module.
Side module with 4 drawers
Side half-cylinder-shaped element for closing the set.
It can be connected to:
- the PC module,
- the shield joining the side module with the PC module,
- the other half of the cylinder (central module).

15° wedge
The wedge enables bending sets by 15°. If more than one wedge is used, then the bending angle can be increased.
It can be connected to:
- the PC module.
Side wedge
An end element (without drawers). It can be connected to:
- the PC module.
Rear shield
A shield for covering the rear space between the cylinder-shaped central module and the PC module.
It can be connected to:
- the PC module,
- the cylinder-shaped central module.
Desktops, sides, tops and other elements of dispatch desks can be make of modern synthetic materials - depending on customers’ needs and the required standard. Given the fact that they are used round-the-clock, consoles must be made of high-quality materials ensuring long durability and visual attractiveness.
Desktops of the proposed modular dispatch desk are made of the following materials:
- MDF board, laminated, with increased resistance to abrasion, with edges protected by PVC strip matching the colour of the desktop. The working desktop is approx. 30 mm thick whereas the monitor desktop is approx. 21 mm thick.
- Modern synthetic materials, for example Corian, Staron.

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