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Multimedia kiosks

The unique combination of plant production capacity with highly-skilled workers of design departments forms solid foundation for development of many non-standard products intended for the public sector. The emergence of a new product is brought about by needs reported by our customers combined with new technical advancements in electronics, electrical and mechanical industries. Examples of such collaboration include electronic information kiosks that are commonly known as infokiosks or infomats. Depending on their intended use, we fit them with additional devices: printers, code and card readers, scanners, coin validators, etc.
Often they function as specialized equipment in laboratories or on production lines. They can be used even for constructing self-service parcel machines, ticket machines, vehicle charging stations or toll gates. The devices can serve as vending machines for products or services. They can also provides services such as giving data, printing documents, providing forms to fill out, etc., supporting operation of public buildings. The development of such products is supported by EU funds.


ZPAS SMART - multifunction multi-media kiosks



Since ZPAS is a manufacturer, not a distributor, of info kiosks, it is possible to order equipment with any monitor size and non-standard enclosure types.



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SMART Wall-hung multimedia kiosk
SMART Free-standing multimedia kiosk
SMART Free-standing
ZPAS SIRIUS multimedia kiosk
ZPAS TAURUS multimedia kiosk
ZPAS VENUS multimedia kiosk
ZPAS CETUS multimedia kiosk