Modular plinth for SZE2 cabinet

Modular plinth for SZE2 cabinet

Modular plinth

Description Specification Configurator Accessories Connected

It consists of 4 corners and 4 or 8 removable side panels. Total weight of the cabinet is carried by plinth corners. I t is possible to reach the area under the cabinet by unscrewing the side panels. Plinth can be mounted to the base by optionally using 4 rubber vibro-shock absorbers

Ordering method:
Plinth includes the following elements: plinth corners with appropriate plinth side panels depending on the cabinet's width and depth.


Plinth side panels

There are three types of plinth side panels available - see the pictures. Each type has the standard height of 99 mm. Side panels can be removed even when the cabinet is loaded with equipment.

Sheet steel, powder painted in light grey (RAL 7035)

Scope of delivery:
Panel with fixing accessories.

Łączniki narożników cokołu: pełny, perforowany, z przepustem szczotkowym
Type of panel Use Length of side panel [mm] Length of plinth’s side [mm] Catalogue number
solid plinth’s front or rear 1000 1200 WZ-1982-03-09-011
800 1000 WZ-1982-03-08-011
600 800 WZ-1982-03-07-011
400 600 WZ-1982-03-05-011
plinth’s sides 550 750 WZ-1982-03-06-011
350 550 WZ-1982-03-04-011
250 450 WZ-1982-03-03-011
150 350 WZ-1982-03-01-011
perforated plinth’s front or rear 1000 1200 WZ-1982-05-09-011
800 1000 WZ-1982-05-08-011
600 800 WZ-1982-05-07-011
400 600 WZ-1982-05-05-011
plinth’s sides 550 750 WZ-1982-05-06-011
350 550 WZ-1982-05-04-011
250 450 WZ-1982-05-03-011
150 350 WZ-1982-05-01-011
with brush opening plinth’s front or rear 1000 1200 WZ-1982-04-09-011
800 1000 WZ-1982-04-08-011
600 800 WZ-1982-04-07-011
400 600 WZ-1982-04-05-011
plinth’s sides 550 750 WZ-1982-04-06-011
350 550 WZ-1982-04-04-011
250 450 WZ-1982-04-03-011
150 350 WZ-1982-04-01-011

Package: 1 pc.


Plinth corners

Available in two heights.

sheet steel powder painted in light grey (RAL 7035)

Scope of delivery:
Set of 4 corners include fixing accessories for assembling a plinth to the cabinet.

Narożniki cokołu o wysokości 200 i 100 mm
Height [mm] Package Catalogue number
200 4 pc. WZ-2174-05-02-011
100 4 pc. WZ-1982-08-02-011

Vibro-shock absorbers

The simple plinths can be optionally equipped with vibroshock absorbers. Plinth with vibro-shock absorbers should be fixed into the room’s floor. Four vibro-shock absorbers are needed for one plinth.

10 mm thick rubber

Wibroizolator cokołu i jego zastosowanie
Package Catalogue number
4 pc. M1Z-00-0048-000-4

Attribute Value
Catalogue number 3655

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