FR protection cabinets

Protection cabinets

Protection cabinets

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Control cabinets designed to house control and safety automation systems in substation control rooms.
We offer prefabrication of:
• feeder panel cabinets
• transformer panel cabinets
• coupler panel cabinets
• voltage measurement panel cabinets
• central indication cabinets
• clutch safeguard cabinets

FR protection cabinets offered by ZPAS are indoor structures, designed for installing safeguards, control equipment, signalling equipment and instrumentation as well as control for MV and HV switchrooms.
FR protection cabinets are made based on SZE2 enclosures with dimensions 2000 x 800 x 600 or 2000 x 800 x 800 mm. Depending on customer requirements and equipment provided by the technical design, cabinet construction can be customized to individual needs – both in terms of dimensions and equipment.

Typical configuration of FR cabinets:

  • - Glazed front door,
  • - Symmetrical swing frame and mounting plate or a set of mounting profiles for installing devices behind the swing frame,
  • - Access to equipment on one side or both sides,
  • - Equipment protected by IP 30 masking panels,
  • - Descriptions made as requested and according to standard of the facility which the switchgears are designed for,
  • - Plinth with a height of 100 or 200 mm, solid or perforated.

Protection cabinets we make:

  • - Protection of 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV lines
  • - Protection of HV transformers
  • - Protection of coupler

Installed safeguards:

  • - Distance
  • - Differential protection
  • - Overcurrent protection
  • - Earth-fault protection
  • - Section protection
  • - Breaker failure protection
  • - Bus-bar protection

The standard protection cabinet configuration includes control gear and signalling equipment, instrumentation and control mounted on a symmetrical hinged frame as well as auxiliary relays, circuit protection equipment, power supplies, connectors for connecting external circuits, etc. mounted on a mounting plate or on mounting profiles inside the cabinet. The cabinets are made with single-sided or double-sided access.

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