FQ meter cabinets

Meter cabinets

Meter cabinets

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Meter cabinets are made on the basis of SZE2 enclosures. Depending on a project, their dimensions are 2000 x 600-800 x 600-800 mm. The typical configuration is the mounting plate. There is also a solution with a split mounting plate. I ts upper part is then rotatable, and the lower part is fixed. The upper one is designed for installation of electricity meters, whereas the lower one for mounting measurement strips. There are also solutions with a swing frame. Electricity meters are then mounted on the frame, and the measurement strips on the mounting plate or the system of mounting profiles. Access may be one-sided or two-sided. Glazed door. Cabinet configuration is tailored to the station design and can always be adapted to the customer's requirements – both in terms of dimensions and equipment.

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