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Dispatch workstations

Sample configuration of dispatch room

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Sample configuration of dispatch room
Sample configuration of dispatch room
Sample configuration of dispatch room
Sample configuration of dispatch room
Sample configuration of dispatch room
Sample configuration of dispatch room
Sample configuration of dispatch room

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Grzegorz Bartusiak bartusiak@zpas.net +48 74 872 0691 +48 609 449 924

We have thirty years’ experience in the production of control and dispatch desks. Throughout the years, we have manufactured hundreds of them. Our desks are mainly designed for power plants, heat and power generation plants, power distribution companies, sugar factories, integrated mills, railway companies, cement plants, chemical plants, gas works, coking plants, hard and brown coal mines and many other sectors of industry and business.

Our product portfolio includes universal modular desks and consoles made on special orders according to the customer’s documentation or design developed by us. The product range also incorporates a series of types of standard PSL control desks with a modular design, intended for production lines, tooling centres etc. Each console may be delivered together with complete electric equipment and accessories. Assembly on site is also available on request.

In the area of control and dispatch desks, ZPAS-NET mainly offers products with shape and functionalities adjusted to the needs of a particular facility in which they are to be installed. Such consoles are manufactured according to the documentation supplied by the customer or prepared by our design department. Quite often our consoles are a part of complex orders incorporating matching electrical accessories, mimic boards and on-site assembly. Because of their round-the-clock use, our desks are made of top-quality materials which guarantee high durability and visual attractiveness. To this aim, our designers co-operate with design offices, architects and ergonomics specialists.

Control desks designed for industrial facilities

Control desks can be made entirely of sheet steel. Console shape and dimensions should be tailored to a particular facility and appliances in accordance with customers’ individual needs and requirements.

Dispatch and dispatch/control desks

In the case of dispatch or dispatch/control desks which also perform a function of an operating workstation, the design comprises a base, a desktop, and – if necessary – additional tops. Desktops are made of a wide range of materials, from woodlike boards to synthetic materials – depending on particular needs and standard requested by the customer. I n simple designs which do not call for an application of expensive technologies, double-sided laminated or MDF boards are typically used, in a wide range of colours of the finishing laminate elements. Acrylic materials, such as Paracor or Corian, enable a wider range of applications. Desktops can also be made of mimic panels which allow quick and easy changes of visual matrix diagrams and arrangements of installed instruments. Desktops can be equipped with tops of various shapes and dimensions making it easy to install monitors, push buttons, meters, displays or other types of devices.

Colour schemes

Metal elements of consoles can be painted, galvanised or made of plain stainless steel, without any extra surface finish. We use epoxy and polyester powder paints, textured, in all colours from the RAL catalogue.

The new line of dispatch and control desks produced by ZPAS-NET is based on an innovative design approach incorporating a modular structure.

The main assumption in the process of designing new modular desks was to develop and define a standard which – due to its modular construction – would enable a wide range of available combinations of system elements.

This solution, compared to traditional one-piece designs, costs less and can be delivered to the end customer within a shorter time. Now a potential customer can choose between a number of standard modules which – assembled together – make up the finished product.

An appropriate selection of elements makes it possible to adjust desktop colour to the overall colour scheme of a given room or to specific customer requests.

Moreover, the structure itself, based on a central frame, makes it possible to use different finishing materials, which gives customers a possibility to choose between more economical and more luxurious versions.

In terms of industrial design, the main idea of new modular consoles is based on the development of several interchangeable elements marked by innovative shape and construction properties.

Modular structure enables to adjust consoles to virtually every dispatch/control room.


PC module
A two-tier 19" cabinet designed for installing the central unit of the system or other types of electronic devices. The upper part of the cabinet is used as a support for the operating desktop, while the lower (rear) part is designed for placing monitors. Two PC modules are designed for one workstation.
Cylinder with 8 drawers
A central unit which makes it possible to arrange sets at any desired angle.
It can be connected to:
  • the PC module,
  • the shield joining the cylinder with the PC module
Half-cylinder with 4 drawers
A side element for closing the set.
It can be connected to:
  • the PC module,
  • the shield joining the cylinder with the PC module,
  • the other half of the cylinder (central module)
15° wedge
The wedge enables bending sets by 15°. I f more than one wedge is used, then the bending angle can be increased..
It can be connected to:
  • the PC module
Side wedge
An end element (without drawers).
It can be connected to:
  • the PC module.
Rear shield
A shield for covering the rear space between the cylinder and the PC module.
It can be connected to:
  • the PC module,
  • the cylinder as the central element of the console.

Desktops, sides, tops and other elements of consoles can be make of modern synthetic materials - depending on customers’ needs and the required standard. G iven the fact that they are used round-the-clock, consoles must be made of high-quality materials ensuring long durability and visual attractiveness.

Desktops of the proposed modular control and dispatch desk are made of the following materials:

  • Chipboard, laminated on both sides, with edges protected by PCV strip matching the colour of the desktop.
  • MDF board, laminated, with increased resistance to abrasion, with edges protected by PCV strip matching the colour of the desktop.
  • Modern synthetic materials, for example Paracor/Plexicor, Corian, SSV.


Straight-line double-station desk



Single-station desk


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