DATA BOX - cold /hot aisle

DATA BOX - cold /hot aisle

DATA BOX - cold /hot aisle

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Due to greater capacity densities of data centers, increased heat generation is observed, resulting in a higher demand for more energy-efficient cooling systems. The majority of data centers provides sufficient cooling capacity but does not have the infrastructure to effectively deliver the cooling medium to high density areas. ZPAS offers cabinet systems with slide doors and roof, making it possible to deliver a data center in the “cold aisle” or “hot aisle” technology. Such solutions physically separate hot air from cold air, thus ensuring efficient cooling for IT equipment.

In “cold aisle” systems, cold air is flown through the access floor into a 120-cm-wide established between rows of cabinets. In the hot aisle system the heat generated by active devices is dissipation to the aisle’s space and cold air is provided from the outside of Bata Box. Data Box solution creating space where cold air is completely separated from hot air generated by active devices. Front and rear part of cabinet should have 80 % perforation to provide the best air flow through cabinet. In the Box designed by ZPAS company is possibility to install row heat exchanger. This solution allows for cooling devices with very high power density. Using Data Box solution we raise the safety factor. Your server environment can be protected with electronic access control system, with all the events registered by master PC


Recommended SZB IT server cabinet configurations for Data Box
In order to ensure proper air circulation inside the cabinet, the front and rear doors should be provided with perforation with clearance of 80%, as well as with additional accessories that prevent air from being dissipated within the cabinet i.e.: blanking plates, vertical masking panels, horizontal brush strips.
Cabinet configuration:
- front and rear doors with perforation featuring 80%,
- bottom plate and top plate of the cabinet with openings for routing cables and feeding cooling air,
- cabinet dimensions, door handle type and colour to be specified according to the following table and coding system.


Attribute Value
Catalogue number 3702
Rear door type Perforated door with 80% of clerance
Side shields Solid steel panel
Roof type Standard with rear cable hole
Base types Levelling feet

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