Data Box aisle panel

Data Box aisle panel

Data Box aisle panel

Description Specification Configurator Accessories Connected

Aisle panel can be mounted on the end of Data Box aisle instead sliding door.


  • Sheet steel powder painted, mineral safety glass.

Scope of delivery:

  • Aisle panel with fixing accessories.
For Data Box with cabinets height Catalogue number
Solid panel Panel with glass
RAL 7035 RAL 9005 RAL 7035 RAL 9005
42 U WZ-5367-60-01-011 WZ-5367-60-01-161 WZ-5367-60-07-011 WZ-5367-60-07-161
45 U WZ-5367-60-02-011 WZ-5367-60-02-161 WZ-5367-60-08-011 WZ-5367-60-08-161
47 U WZ-5367-60-03-011 WZ-5367-60-03-161 WZ-5367-60-09-011 WZ-5367-60-09-161
42 U + plinth 100 mm WZ-5367-60-04-011 WZ-5367-60-04-161 WZ-5367-60-10-011 WZ-5367-60-10-161
45 U + plinth 100 mm WZ-5367-60-05-011 WZ-5367-60-05-161 WZ-5367-60-11-011 WZ-5367-60-11-161
47 U + plinth 100 mm WZ-5367-60-06-011 WZ-5367-60-06-161 WZ-5367-60-12-011 WZ-5367-60-12-161

Package: 1 pc.

Attribute Value
Catalogue number 3706
Length 5,0 m

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