PVC cable ducts

PVC cable ducts

PVC cable ducts

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PVC cable ducts
PVC cable duct fastened to the C-profile for cable duct stiffening
C-profile for stiffening PVC cable ducts
PVC cable duct with a C-profile for cable duct stiffening, installed in the SZB cabinet
Description Specification Configurator Accessories Connected

Designed for vertical organization of cables inside the SZB IT cabinets.
Fixed to horizontal C-profiles at the cabinet’s side walls with help of the stiffening C-profile. Cable duct and stiffening C-profile are ordered separately .


  • Cable duct - PCV
  • Stiffening C-profile - sheet steel Al-Zn coated

Scope of delivery:

  • Cable ducts - sold in lengths of 2 m.
    Stiffening C-profile - sold in lengths given in the table below; C-profile scope of delivery includes fixing accessories for cabinet installation.

C-pro file for stiffening PVC ca ble ducts

Height [U= 44,45 mm] For PVC ducts width Catalogue number
47U 60 WZ-SB00-31-25-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-31-000
45U 60 WZ-SB00-31-01-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-13-000
42U 60 WZ-SB00-31-02-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-14-000
40U 60 WZ-SB00-31-03-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-15-000
39U 60 WZ-SB00-31-26-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-32-000
38U 60 WZ-SB00-31-04-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-16-000
36U 60 WZ-SB00-31-05-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-17-000
33U 60 WZ-SB00-31-27-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-33-000
32U 60 WZ-SB00-31-06-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-18-000
30U 60 WZ-SB00-31-28-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-34-000
28U 60 WZ-SB00-31-07-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-19-000
27U 60 WZ-SB00-31-29-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-35-000
24U 60 WZ-SB00-31-08-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-20-000
21U 60 WZ-SB00-31-30-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-36-000
18U 60 WZ-SB00-31-09-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-21-000
15U 60 WZ-SB00-31-10-000
40 WZ-SB00-31-22-000

Package:1 pc.

PVC ca ble duct

Height [ mm] Width [mm] Depth [mm] Catalogue number
2000 60 100 M1O-02-0103
80 M1O-02-0031
40 60 M1O-02-0012
40 M1O-02-0011

Package:1 pc.

Attribute Value
Catalogue number 3559
Cable clamps No
Length No
Dimensions No

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